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  • Led strip PRO IP65 is like IP21 although it has a durable PVC coating Led strip PRO IP65 is like IP21 although it has a durable PVC coating

LED STRIP PRO, 12,4W/m (62W/5m), 24V, IP65, high CRI95

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Our PRO led strip 24V has 12,4W/m and has 60 led circuits on a meter. This led strip is perfect for tailor positions while there are no plugs attached. The strip is thin, only 8 mm wide and low, only less than 2 mm. The strip has powerful chips, and gives even light. CRI of the PRO strip is +95 and it is water resistant (IP65) and comes in a 5m roll.

7 250,33 руб.

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7 250,33 руб.


Our PRO led strip 24V has 12,4W/m and has 60 led circuits on a meter. This led strip is bright and  energy efficient, because 1 watt gives out 90 lumens. The PRO strip is suitable for tailor needed projects, while there are no ready souldered DC-plugs in the ends as the rest of our led strips. On our PRO led strip, we use high quality led circuit with the CRI approx. 95. The led strip is dimmable and water resistant (IP65) with a surface that does not turn yellow. Led strip 12,4W/m is comes always with a 3 years warranty.

You can select from two light colours; near halogen colour is 3000K, warm white and a bit more modern, neutral white colour is 4000K.


PRO led strip comes in a 5m roll that can be cut to measure and soldered in every 10 cm (marked). There are 15 cm cable without DC plug soldered to one end of the strip. 

If you have more than 10m of strip, we recommend you to feed the power from both ends to minimize the power loss. All installations should be made on aluminium (ie. aluminium profile), that way the excess heat gets conducted away from led circuit and makes it last longer. The led strip uses 3M tape that you can attach the strip to the profile firmly. You can order aluminium profile from our web shop.

LED strip 24V works well with solar power and in boats, as it is 24 VDC, so you might not even need a driver!

Remember to order a driver unless it is for a boat or with solar power 24 VDC.


With led strips you can use either normal rotatable dimmers or wireless dimmer. Wireless dimmers (secondary side dimming) are a perfect solution in places where you have power for the led strip but no wall switch ready. With this system, you just hook the wireless receiver between led strip and driver and have the push button were ever you like. The push button is wireless and battery operated (battery can be changed). Driver does not need to be dimmable.

If you want to use rotatable wall dimmers (primary side dimming), you need to select a dimmable (for example TRIAC) driver for your led strip.

Дополнительная информация

Артикул (SKU) STRIP124-PRO-IP65-24V
Цветовая температура (K) 3000, 4000
Цвет Н/Д
Напряжение (В) 24
Гарантия (год) 3 года
Индекс цветопередачи ±3 95
Люмен 5580
Угол светового пучка 110
Напряжение (Вт) 62
Срок эксплуатации 50000
Размеры 8x1,5mm, 5m roll
Установочное гнездо Нет
Диаметр товара Нет
Длина товара 5000
Ширина товара 8
Высота товара 1
Одобрение CE, RoHS, IP65
Energialuokka A++
Дополнительно 3M tape on backside
Степени защиты IP IP65
Ketjutettava Н/Д

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Strip should ALWAYS be installed on aluminium profile for the led strip to cool down properly. Incorrect installation will void warranty.